Curried Eggs

This does not sound like a very exciting dinner and it doesn’t look like much either!



I used to find it a bit annoying that I didn’t like eggs; they’re low fat, cheap and quick to cook in various ways. I’m still not loving basic egg dishes but I actually thought I may enjoy this due to the fact that the egg is getting smothered in a curry sauce!!

The sauce is quite a typical curry sauce for this book, although I’m surprised there’s no raisins or sultanas thrown in! I was halving this and found that the sauce thickened very quickly..


After simmering for only 10 minutes the sauce was starting to stick to the bottom of the pan, so I added a touch more water. Making rice and boiling an egg isn’t exactly very taxing!!


I had opted to make individual positions just for the two of us. The sauce doesn’t look very appealing and yet again I think my photos are such a disappointment! Think I’m going to start using props to make the food I cook look better!

Anyway I did sprinkle with paprika but had to omit the parsley, my stash in the garden has pretty much been used up!


So this was dinner and I have to say it really was a rather tasty dinner! I was so surprised how much I enjoyed it! The sauce is great, nice and thick with a really intense flavour. I guess the egg is just a vehicle for the sauce, but this is a really low cost dinner and good for those days when there’s now much left in the cupboards!

Would I make this again? Yes I would!!


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