Sole with Orange

This isn’t what I had planned to make today, I was hoping to get some red mullet from the fishmonger but they were sold out. I decided to get some sole and do this recipe instead..



The list of ingredients says skinned so I assumed I should get fillets, but then the recipe starts by saying to cut off the fins which made me think I should be using whole fish! I just decided I would cut back on the cooking time.


I had bought 2 fillets so thought I should half everything else. So first I coated in flour..


I fryed these for a matter of minutes in each side, I didn’t brown them much at all as I didn’t want to overcook it


I have been attempting to make tarragon vinegar. I had put some fresh tarragon in a bottle with some vinegar and left in the cupboard. So I opened that for the first time today and smells great! There really isn’t much liquid when I mixed the sherry, vinegar and orange juice, but the smell from it is really strong.

I only heated the liquid for a few minutes then put the orange on the fish


Then I browned the remaining butter which took about 5 minutes, then added the sherry liquid and it did start to spit furiously but smells good!!


I poured this butter sauce over the fish and then served with some oven baked chips


The fish is so lovely and delicate, am glad I didn’t fry to long. Then the buttery sauce is great with it, although I didn’t get much sherry or tarragon in the sauce. The bits of orange have totally taken on the flavour of the tarragon and sherry which is really nice! It’s good when you get a bit of fish, orange and sauce.

So this may seem like a lot to do but it’s all very quick and was all ready in under 15 minutes!

Would I make this again? Yes, lovely dish



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