Ham and Bean Casserole

I had bought a joint of ham from the butcher and was just going to roast it but then saw this recipe and decided I’d try this today..



I did read this recipe fully before starting so knew it had four hours to cook!!

The joint of ham I had bought has a really thick layer of fat and I did swither over leaving it on or not..


I did eventually decided to cut it off, I think I would’ve left it on if I’d been roasting it but it just seemed a bit too fatty to have simmering in the casserole! So I cut it off and cut the meat into chunks.


I didn’t bother soaking the beans overnight as I was using a can, so just drained and threw in with the meat.


I then added the rest of the ingredients which seemed like an interesting combination with the treacle!!


I gave it all a stir and then in the oven..


I did check on it now and again and there seemed to be loads of liquid, which made me think I should’ve used dried beans as they would’ve soaked up some liquid.

After the three hours I took it out to lift up the chunks of ham and put back in the oven with the lid off..


Then after the last hour the meat had started to crisp up a bit.


The last hour of cooking with the lid off did help evaporate some liquid.

I couldn’t decide if this needed an accompaniment, it is kind of a meal on it’s own with the ham, beans and veg so I decided to serve just as it is.


This was a delicious casserole! The ham is soo soft and just falls apart. The flavour from the sauce is amazing. It is quite a strong flavour but I loved it! I did use just over 6oz of canned beans but do wonder if it would be even better with dried beans that would’ve taken on the wonderful sauce. Even my 6yr old loved this! It is a long cooking time but worth it and perfect weekend winter recipe!

Would I make this again? Yes, with dried beans!



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