Rice Pudding

This is another proper old school recipe that I’ve never tried! I do remember my mum making this when we were kids, but recently I’ve only ever had it out of a carton as cold rice pudding.



So the recipe says short grain rice but I had bought pudding rice which I assumed to be correct!! I read the instructions on the side of the packet and it says to cook on the hob in only 15 minutes!

I was a bit worried about this recipe as it seems like such a little amount of rice, it looks so little when mixed with the sugar..


Then the volume of milk seems like an awful lot! The packet of pudding rice had the quantities as 200g of rice to 1 litre of milk. I was struggling to figure out how this compared to 1.5 oz and 1 pint!! Anyway I carried on and cut very thin slices of butter and I have some wonderful whole nutmeg that I grated over.


Then it was into the oven. I stirred as instructed after the first half hour and then I left it for the full 2 hours. By then the top had formed a skin as expected and was looking puffed up and golden. The minute I took it out the oven it did sink back and may not look terribly exciting!


So there is loads of liquid in this! The rice has puffed up considerably but there is still loads of milk, am not sure if that’s how it’s meant to be or I should try cutting back on the milk. I spooned out some rice which looked nice and soft and poured over some of the milk.


Well I loved this!! I could’ve quite happily eaten the lot! The rice is so lovely and soft but not mushy, and the warm nutmeg flavour milk is fab! I did think I should leave some for my husband and daughter…..oops..

Would I make this again? Yes, I loved loved this!


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