Mornay Sauce

We were having salmon for dinner and this sauce says to serve with fish so gave it a go..



First off I made a bechamel sauce using the recipe from the same chapter..


That was pretty straightforward..


Once the sauce was thickened I added the cheese and paprika and I was using Parmesan for this.


As I was stirring in the cheese and seasonings I was thinking I had let the sauce thicken a bit too much as it all did look a bit gloopy!


I just served this at is with steamed salmon and veg..


I have to say I didn’t love this. The consistency was all a bit unpleasant and there definitely wasn’t enough paprika. The only thing I think I did wrong was let it thicken too much. So then I had to google mornay sauce to see how this compares and most other versions were similar; a bechamel sauce mixed with gruyere and/or Parmesan. Although most other recipes said the sauce should be used to glaze fish veg or eggs before grilling or baking them! Wish I’d read that before!

Would I make this again? Doubtful



4 thoughts on “Mornay Sauce

    • Not really! Am not sure if I was just put off by the texture but it kind of ruined the salmon for me. Maybe would be different over a white fish and then under the grill with more paprika

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