Coq au Vin

I have actually made this a couple of times before but never quite like this..



The other times I’ve made this it has been with joints of chicken rather than a whole one, never really a fan of cooking a whole chicken in liquid like this.

Anyway I started with cooking the bacon, mushrooms and onions..


Then I fried the whole chicken in a frying pan..


After about 10 minutes I poured over the brandy, and then lit that with match. What a flame!! I was actually really surprised how big it was, and just glad nothing went on fire! You can’t really see the flame in this photo but it was quite impressive!


Fortunately I do have quite a big casserole dish to fit the whole chicken..

Next I made the sauce with the wine and stock, then added the bouquet garni and bacon mix.


I poured all this over the chicken, put the lid on and into the oven for an hour.


After the full hour I checked the chicken and was looking cooked through and was smelling pretty good


I lifted out the chicken and transferred to a serving dish, then I fished out all the bacon, mushrooms and onions. The sauce that was left in the casserole dish did smell good and did taste good but all just looked really greasy, so I was reluctant to use too much of it.


We were having this with some smoked garlic mash..


The chicken is really good, it’s lovely and soft and tastes great. The mushroomy mix is also fab and the flavour from the winey sauce is great. The sauce itself does taste good but it’s just a bit too greasy for me which is a shame as I think the sauce is a pretty crucial part of this dish!!

It was a great dinner though and we all enjoyed it!

Would I make this again? Maybe, I don’t know if I’d make it with a whole chicken..


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