Cream of Chicken Soup

I have loads of chicken left over from last nights dinner so decided to use some of it for this soup..



I always thought a cream of soup would have way more cream in it than 2 tbsps! I would normally avoid a cream soup if I’m on a diet but considering the amount of cream that’s in this then it’s not that calorific!

I was hoping to use some homemade stock but I didn’t have enough in the freezer so had to opt for a cube!

It did seem a bit of a faff first mixing the flour with some milk, then boiling the stock and adding to the milk and then putting back in the pan. I felt a couple of those steps could’ve been omitted!!

Anyway while the liquid was boiling it did thicken ever so lightly, certainly not as much as I would’ve liked.

I added the rest of the ingredients and then it was ready..


We just had this with a load of homemade bread. It is quite a thin cream and I would’ve preferred much thicker. I also think there wasn’t enough chicken. The flavour was good though, but I didn’t taste any nutmeg so suppose more of that could be added. What I do think would’ve been good is some rice or some soup pasta to help thicken up.

Would I make this again? Yes but definitely needs to be thicker


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