Portuguese Rice Pudding

I made the regular rice pudding last week and it was fab, I loved it so much that I ate the lot! So I liked the sound of this recipe..



I did a quick search on this recipe before I started and it does seem like it’s quite a popular recipe, and all the images I saw did have some sort of cinnamon criss cross pattern!

Have no idea why there is a picture of a fish under the recipe, it’s the bottom recipe on the page then has these two fish underneath!

Anyway I started by boiling the rice with the lemon. I couldn’t decided whether to grate the rind or peel and use as an infuser. I opted for the later and added the peeled rind to the pot..


After 10 minutes it was feeling well cooked and then I drained it and removed the lemon rind, not sure if this was right or not..


I had halved this so only needed one egg yolk, and I put the left over egg white in the freezer. So that egg mix was beaten and added to the rice..


After about 10 minutes under a low heat it was looking much creamier so I removed from the heat..


I attempted a criss cross pattern with the cinnamon! It does look a bit messy!!


So how does this compare to the plain rice pudding? It is much creamier and considering the rice was only cooked for about 20 minutes in this recipe compared to 2 hours in the other recipe it’s just as soft. The consistency is really lovely. I do think it could be sweeter and I didn’t taste any lemon so kind of wish I’d grated and left the rind in! I also think I over cinnamoned!!

Would I make this again? Yes, add more sugar, leave the lemon in and less cinnamon!!



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