Vegetable Samosa

I’ve skimmed passed this recipe a few times and thought it seemed a bit dull. I’d normally expect a samosa to have a bit of spicing in it. I did stick to the ingredients listed though..



I decided to make the full quantity of this which actually only turned out to be one large potato. While the veg was cooking I started the pastry. The recipe is a bit vague, I didn’t measure the amount of water I used, and I kept adding until it was holding together but not sticky.


Then I rolled out and cut into rounds…


I don’t actually count how many I cut out but think it was around 20.

I think I may have over cooked the potatoes and they were starting to break down when I drained them..


I do have this lovely spiced sea salt that I picked up on our holidays so I decided to add that for a bit extra flavour.

Next I filled the pastry circles and sealed them. I could not fit 2 teaspoons in mine. I had used a 3 inch cutter but still kept spilling out! I ended up with more filling leftover by the time I had filled all mine.

I used a wee crimper tool to seal the edges..


So it was at this point that I decided to deviate! I am trying to have a relatively healthy month and really didn’t fancy deep frying these! So I know this probably doesn’t make them real samosas but I decided to oven bake! I don’t think they can be considered real samosas anyway as they don’t have any spices in them!

So I brushed with egg and put in the oven!


After about 15-20 minutes they were looking nicely golden and slightly puffed up..


Well what a pleasant surprise! These are little morsels of loveliness!! The pastry is nice and crisp on the outside but still quite soft inside. The filling is great! The potatoes are very soft after all this cooking but I think that’s good, and then I’m glad I used my fancy salt as that really does add a great flavour.


This was like an early Saturday evening snack/tea for us and we all loved them. My daughter ate four and I’m not willing to admit how many I had!

Would I make these again? Yes, will adapt further next time!



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