Dry Beef Curry

So from reading this title I assume there’s not going to be much free liquid in this! This is going to make me sound really old fashioned but I do like a good sauce with my food! Anyway I like the sound of all the flavours in this and like making something that takes a bit longer on a Sunday..


I started mixing all the spices together and I thought this looked pretty good..


I didn’t have tamarind water or even know what that is, instead I used equal quantites of vinegar and water to make this paste.

Once the onion and garlic had been fried in the butter I added the spice paste and the curry paste. I only had tikka curry paste so that had to do!

Next I added the meat..


The smells at this point are good! After the first hour the meat looks like it has taken on all the flavour and smells even better..


I just added some water and then left for another while. I really didn’t think 2 hours was enough time to cook the meat, so I left this much longer, probably 3 hours I think. I did have to add a touch more water so that it didn’t dry up completely before I felt the meat was soft enough.

So after about 3 hours there was no free liquid left and the meat was looking really soft..


May not look good but I can assure you the smells are fab! We were having this with some boiled rice and homemade naan.


The recipe says to serve with sambols – I’d never heard of this term but the next page has a picture of this recipe and some suggested sambols..


Some of these are just utterly bizarre! Why on earth would you want to serve banana with a curry! Maybe I need to try it! Also I think melon is another strange option, yes I know mango chutney is great but melon just seems wrong!

So this was dinner for the three of us and was brilliant. Yes it’s dry but I like that about it, which I didn’t expect to. The flavour from all the spices is really good and wasn’t too spicy for my daughter. Overall it’s a really great recipe and was a well enjoyed dinner!

Would I make this again? Yes definitely



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