Oxtail Soup

I have never tasted oxtail soup, I did buy a can of it recently but that was to add into another recipe. I cooked an oxtail casserole last year that turned out ok! That time I had bought a whole oxtail from the butcher that wasn’t very nice to look at! This time I had spied oxtail in the supermarket that was cut into decent pieces, so I bought two large bits for only 70p, bargain!



This does need a bit of time to cook so I did start this yesterday and cooked in two stages.

First off I tried to cut off as much fat from the meat as I could, and there is a fair bit..

Then it’s all just in a pot and left to simmer for a while. I didn’t leave it anywhere near as long as 4 hours, I think it was just about 3 hours. It’s not terribly appealing looking whilst it simmers away..


After the three hours I removed the meat and strained the liquid. I let the liquid cool and put in the fridge, then removed all the nice meat bits from the tail. There is a lot of fatty bits but the meat that is there is lovely and soft and does fall off..


I then started the next stage tonight. The liquid had cooled so it was much easier to skim of the fat. Then I just added the blended flour and reheated and that was it!


Well if you like a meaty soup then you’ll love this! It is quite a rich flavour but I loved it! It’s not a thick soup but it’s ok in this case as you have the chunks of meat. I didn’t bother making dumplings but you could to make it more filling. Overall though this was good, it is a bit of effort for a plate of soup but I thought it was really worth it!

Would I make this again? Yes, tasty and cheap!!


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