Curried Chicken

I’m getting used to sweeter curried recipes after all the earlier ones I’ve tried from this book! This one didn’t have any sultanas in it like I thought it would!



I decided to use just chicken thighs for this; they’re cheaper and I think are better in dishes like this..


It’s all very straightforward to prepare, just a bit of chopping and frying!


It doesn’t seem like much stock though, by the time I had halved the quantity in the recipe I only have about 70ml..


I kept checking it throughout the 40 minutes and it did thicken but didn’t dry out, so was looking ok!


I just served the chicken thighs on some plain boiled rice and more sauce poured over the top..


Well the sauce is great! It does not look great but the flavour is lovely, very similar to all the other curry recipes! It’s sweet but in a nice comforting way! The chicken is lovely and soft and overall a good dinner. My daughter said she didn’t just like this, she loved it!!

Would I make this again? Yes, great dinner


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