Chicken Dopyaza

So this recipe threw me, is it a spelling mistake and meant to be dopiaza or is this really a dish?? I googled it and chicken do pyaaza is an actual recipe!! It does involve some similar flavours but not the amount of onions that’s in this! Then dopiaza does literally mean onions twice so I kind of think this is a hybrid recipe!!


First off I thought it was unusal to use ground ginger rather than fresh ginger but maybe that’s to do with ingredient availability when this book was written.

Then I started with the first onion stage and fried them in butter until browned, it says evenly browned but mine maybe weren’t very evenly cooked..


I think this stage actually took a good 20 minutes. Next was the chicken and spices..


Then when I added the yoghurt it turned a very bright colour thanks to the turmeric! It is a great colour but doesn’t show up well in the photos!!


The yoghurt took a while to absorb but eventually it seemed to reduce so then I spread rather than poured the onions over. I had blitzed then in a processor for a few seconds, just long enough to stop them becoming completely puréed! They don’t look terribly appetising on top of the chicken..


Next I added the rest of the sliced onions and the peppercorns and shoved in the oven..


After about an hour the smells are amazing!


We just had this with some boiled rice, and it’s fantastic.


The chicken is wonderfully soft and the flavour from all the spices is really really good. The onions are great as well and do almost add a touch of sweetness. Overall this is a great recipe, it’s title is a bit confused but who cares as it tastes brill!

Would I make this again? Definitely! A bit of effort but well worth it



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