Fruity Girdle Scones

I made the plain girdle scones a while ago now and they were good. So this time I thought I’d try these. I’m having a month off chocolate and cake, but I don’t think these count as cakes….


First off I made the dough. There’s more to this recipe than scone recipes I usually make, it’s not often I use an egg in a scone mix, no idea what difference it makes!

I didn’t measure out the volume of milk I used, but it really wasn’t much before I had a firm dough.

I opted to cut into circles..


I ended up with 15 scones..


I have a flat pancake pan, it’s not really a girdle pan but I think it works just as well!

They do start to rise quite quickly when you put them into the pan


I think the trick is to not have the pan too hot, I did and they were starting to turn very dark on both sides yet felt really soft, almost raw in the middle. So I turned down the heat a bit and that seemed to work better


Some of them were looking a bit well fired – not burnt!! The second lot were better once I’d adjusted the heat


Normally I’d be having one or two of these warm with butter, but have also cut out butter this month! I had one or two just as they are and they are good.

Then I tried them with some rhubarb and ginger jam I made earlier this year and that was lovely!


I have made mine quite small so do think it’s acceptable to have two in one sitting!!

Would I make these again? Yes, simple scone recipe and taste good



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