Mincemeat – 1

The reason this is called mincemeat-1 is because there is another mincemeat recipe which is called mincemeat-2! Picked this one first, and this one has more ingredients although pretty similar. I still think I’ll be cooking through this book next Christmas so plan will to be do mincemeat-2 next year!


So there’s really not much to say about this! I did compare some more modern recipes and they are much similar, although nuts didn’t feature in ever other version I found, and it seems unusual that this recipe doesn’t have any brandy in it.

The one thing I couldn’t get was bitter almonds; they’re optional anyway so I didn’t go out my way to hunt them down!

So it was just a lot of blitzing and mixing and that’s it.

I think the traditional day to be making this was yesterday-stir up Sunday but I ran out of time and had to make today! I did get a bit confused as I thought stir up Sunday was last Sunday before advent which I thought was next week but I did check and it was yesterday! Anyway I made this today!

I obviously can’t comment on how it tastes as it needs to be left for a while. After the two days I will put into sterilised jars and then I have a good few recipes to try…

Would I make this again? Based on how easy it is, yes. Will need to wait before I can comment on it taste wise!


3 thoughts on “Mincemeat – 1

  1. My Mrs Beeton’s book is like this šŸ™‚ 2 or 3 recipes for everything, useful numbered! (Doesn’t really tell you a lot does it haha). This looks really yummy though. I love making my own mincemeat. Would never go back now!

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