Corn Chowder

I think sweetcorn is a very underrated vegetable! I don’t eat it that often but when I do I forget how good it actually tastes! So reading this list of ingredients makes me think I’m going to like this..



I think having bacon and onion frying together is usually a good start to a dish for me!!


I was halving all this and by the time I’d added the potato and then half the water amount I just didn’t think it was enough. The water barely covered the potatoes so I had to add some more water to make sure the potatoes were going to be cooked properly.

Then it was in with the corn and then the milk. I did then think I should’ve cut back on the milk quantity so that I didn’t end up with a watery chowder. I did forget and ended up adding all the milk..


Then it was into bowls and a bit of cheese on top. I did hope there was a few sprigs of parsley left in my herb garden but they were looking a bit pathetic so had to leave off!!


Well the reaction I got when I told my family we were having corn chowder for tea was rather amusing! I think both of them could quite happily have left it all for me! I think they got a pleasant surprise though! It is maybe a bit more watery than it should be but the flavour is good. It’s not anything wonderfully outstanding, but as a corn chowder it’s good and we ate the lot!

Would I make this again? Probably



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