Eve’s Pudding

I remember my mum used to make this and really loving it. It’s been years since I last tried it and tonight I was in the mood for a hot pudding!



I decided I was making the full recipe, and that weighed out as 2 cooking apples. I don’t have an apple corer so had to improvise, which did nearly end in a finger amputation! I left the apple whole after peeling and coring and sliced into big rings. I don’t think it matters how you slice the apples..


3oz of Demerara sugar seemed like loads once it had been sprinkled over the apples; I know they can be really tart but do they really need this much sugar??


Then the topping is easy enough but it just ended up a really thick mixture. I was tempted to add some milk but decided not to and attempted to spread the mix over the top of the apples..


It did seem like a sticky mess but was hoping that once in the oven it would spread out! After 40 minutes the house was smelling great and it was looking well cooked..


I didn’t have much in the house to serve with this so we just had as it is..


Well this is just as good as I remember! The apples are lovely and soft and just the perfect level of sweetness. The sponge topping is great as well but altogether it’s fantastic! I did wonder if it should be served with cream or ice cream but in our opinion it was just great on it’s own.

Would I make this again? Yes definitely!



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