Quick White Bread

All the bread recipes from this book use plain flour, I think I’ve mentioned before but the start of this chapter does talk about bread flour but says it’s not readily available and you’d need to ask your baker for some! Now it obviously is available but for these bread recipes I opted to stick to plain flour to see how I get on. I have already made the quick wholemeal bread which turned out ok, so today we had no bread in the house and no bread flour so thought I’d try this..



I didn’t activate the yeast as I used fast acting stuff. I had tried to get non fast acting dried yeast but my local supermarket only had the fast stuff! I did add a little extra water than the recipe suggests..


After a good 10 minutes kneading my arms are tired but it was looking nice and smooth..


I think the quick part of this is that it’s not given a second rising stage. Once kneaded it was straight into the tins, then it does say to leave till the the dough fills the tins, but that could take a while if you use different sized tins like I did!


I did wonder if I left them too long as they looked a bit weird..



Maybe I’ve over proved them??

Anyway I carried on to the baking stage. The start of this chapter has all the details about baking; it’s 15 minutes at 220 then reduce to 200 until they’re ready. I think my loaves were ready after about 30 minutes.

This smells just as good as any other bread recipe, but there is a note to say bread made using this quick recipe does not have such a good appearance or so even texture as bread made by other methods!

It looks ok once out of the oven..


Left to cool for only a few minutes before I sliced to try a bit..


It does have quite a crust on it, which I actually quite like, but the inside is nice and soft. It’s maybe not fit for sandwich use, but we had toasted with cheese and was ideal for that!


I think it does need to be toasted or dunked in soup to soften!

Would I make this again? Yes, if I had no bread flour and wanted some toast!



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