I’ve never made meatloaf and don’t really remember ever eating it! It just sounds a bit dull! So tonight I thought I’d give this a go..


My meat quantities were slightly different to the recipe. Overall they were the same but I had more mince and less sausage meat! I was using pork sausage meat for this. First off everything is mixed together. I don’t know what table sauce is so I added brown sauce!


I found it quick difficult to mix with a fork so ended up using my hands!


My tin wasn’t quite the same measurements reccomended in the recipe, think it was 10 x 4 inches.


After just over an hour I thought it looked ready..


It doesn’t really look good but it smells quite tasty!


We had this with some mashed potato (with the skin still on because we couldn’t be bothered to peel them!) and some gravy.


So even though this looks a tad unpleasant it actually tastes really great!! It’s cooked really nicely and the texture is better than I expected! My daughter was in bed by the time this was ready but am confident she will love it too!

Would I make this again? Yes, have loads of leftovers so will be eating this for another couple of days!



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