This is more of a suggestion rather than a recipe! It comes just after the recipe for shrewsbury biscuits that I made last year, and is one of the many variations for that recipe. I haven’t made a biscuit in ages and fancied making these today..



You can find the basic recipe if you click on the link above. I did have to add more flour to the dough as it was really quite soft. I didn’t weigh out how much extra but was enough to create a firmer dough..


Then I halved that and kneaded cocoa into one half..


I found that the cocoa didn’t knead in very smoothly, I didn’t want to over knead so ended up with a bit of a marbled effect.


It is still a quite a soft dough and was starting to crack in places when I rolled it up.


I decided to leave for longer than 30 minutes, and I put it in the fridge for a while. Then I cut into slices..


I think I ended up with about 35


After about 20 minutes they were starting to turn brown and smelling fab!


We obviously had to try one or two warm from the oven and they are good! Simple to make, look good and taste great!

Would I make these again? Yes, great with a cup of tea!



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