Stuffed Anchovy Eggs

I’m having dinner with friends tonight and I was to do a starter. So I decided I’d make this recipe to have as a starter/canapé! Not sure how popular this will make me…


I started off boiling the eggs, and opted for nearer 10 minutes to make sure they were hard boiled.

Then I mixed the anchovies and capers. I do love capers and can eat them by the spoon out of the jar! Anchovies I’m not too sure about! It really is a strong flavour so I opted for just four fillets from a jar


So then I mashed all that with the egg yolks. Took a good bit of mashing to get anything resembling a paste!


So it doesn’t look very nice just now but I did have to try it and it’s actually quite pleasant. Once the anchovies have been thoroughly mixed throughout everything they actually add quite a pleasant flavour!

Then it was back into the egg whites..


I served this on a mixed salad and had some smoked garlic mayo on the side but didn’t have any parsley to sprinkle over the top!


Well considering I don’t like eggs I actually really liked this!! The yolky bit with the anchovies and capers is by far the best bit and really is good. The cold egg white is not that interesting and I’d quite happily leave that off the plate and have more off the yolk bit

I was worried my friends were going to hate this and not invite me back but I think they were pleasantly surprised too!

Would I make this again? Maybe!!


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