Raisin and Nut Salad

I know some people may think that salads are only really summery dishes, but I think this is more like a coleslaw type salad and I love walnuts so thought this would go nicely with some pan fried chicken..



I do some times have a terrible habit of not looking out all the ingredients before starting, but for this there’s really not much to look out..


I was using a golden delicious apple and I didn’t have watercress, instead I had a bag of mixed salad leaves.

So not really much to this recipe, once I grated the apple and mixed with the raisins and walnuts I was thinking I’d prefer to switch the walnut and raisin quantites!


The recipe doesn’t specify a type of dressing or a quantity, I have a balsamic and black pepper dressing in the fridge so I just used a good glug of that


Then it’s just plonked on the salad leaves..


This is one of those recipes that I thinks not really going to be that interesting, but yet again am surprised how pleasant this is! We were just having on the side but I actually think this would be great alternative to coleslaw with a pork burger. I would maybe add more walnuts next time, but overall it was good and we ate the lot!

Would I make this again? Yes



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