Beefsteak Casserole

This may not seem like a Wednesday night kind of dinner, but if you have the time to let this cook away for a minimum of 3 hours then why not!!


This recipe does come with a photo, althought weirdly the photo is 50 pages away! Anyway it’s not the best photo..


I didn’t brown the meat to start off with which I would always normally do when making a casserole like this, so am already thinking the meats not going to be that great!


So when it says to layer I just read throw in the casserole dish!! I wasn’t sure if I was meant to thinly slice the veg and actually layer up like a hot pot, I just threw the veg in quite randomly but did try to do a bit of layering with the potatoes..


Then I added the tomatoes and I reckon about 100ml of stock.


After about an hour and a half in the oven it was all looking a bit watery..


So I decided to let it cook for the rest of the time with the lid off. I left this cooking for 3 hours and after the time with the lid off it was looking more appealing..


This is my favourite kind of cooking, it’s all done in the one pot and there’s no need to make anything else on the side!!


Well as a stew goes this is nice enough. It’s not anything particularly fancy but is a good filling casserole! We did enjoy it but I do think it needs something else, maybe some herbs, wine or a dash of balsamic vinegar! Overall though it’s a good simple casserole!

Would I make this again? Probably, but I’d need to add a wee extra something!



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