Spaghetti Alla Bolognese

According to this recipe this is made using a traditional Italian meat sauce, well I don’t think this is anything like a traditional Italian meat sauce! For that I’d expect garlic, red wine, more tomatoes and oregano! Anyway we love bolognese in this house so was looking forward to this..



I had fully intended to put the chicken livers in this but was so disappointed when I went to get some from the butcher today and they didn’t have any! Again I don’t know how traditional it is to have chicken livers in bolognese but my mum makes this amazing lasagne with chicken livers and I really think it makes a difference, I think they add an extra rich meatiness! I didn’t have time to try elsewhere so had to leave out.

I actually didn’t cook this, husband and daughter were left in charge of this one! So I don’t have many photos of the cooking process while they were in charge of the kitchen!

Once everything is chopped it’s all pretty much left to simmer..


After 30 minutes the liquid had reduced and everything looked nicely cooked..


It’s not the dark rich tomatoey colour you’d expect from a bolognese..


We served with plenty of Parmesan on the table..


Well I don’t think this is like a bolognese! It’s is really tasty and between the three of us we ate the entire lot! I really would like to try this with the chicken livers. I also don’t often put carrots or celery in bolognese but I suppose that’s a good way to pack in extra veg for fussy kids!

Would I make this again? Yes, adding the chicken livers!



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