Fish Pie with Tomatoes

Anytime I’ve made fish pie it’s been done with a white sauce as the base so like the idea of making with tomatoes instead..


I had just over 8oz of fish so I halved everything else. First off I put the potatoes on and the started frying the onion. I decided to add the bacon with the onion to give them time to cook together before adding the fish. I just thought the fish would break done really quickly so the less time in the pan the better..


Then I added the tomatoes and I opted for sage..


Even after very little stirring and cooking the fish had started to break down..


Even though I had halved all the other ingredients I had used a whole can of tomatoes, it was kind of accidental but I don’t think it looked like it had affected the fish filling really..


I had quite a thin coating of mashed potato on the top, and I was actually quite surprised that there wasn’t an egg yolk in the mash as that seems to be a feature in this book..


After 30 minutes in the oven the potatoes had started to brown and the filling was bubbling up through the edges of the potato


So how does this compare to fish pie with a white sauce? It is nice for a change! I did really like the flavour the bacon and sage added, that was a nice touch. I definitely think the mashed potato was missing an egg!! Overall though was a good fish pie.

Would I make this again? Yeah I would



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