Cheese Scones

I don’t think I’ve ever made cheese scones before, I do make scones a lot but treacle and wholemeal are my favourites!


I decided to double this recipe, I wanted to make some for us at home and some to take into my work. Once I’d measure the dry ingredients out I was thinking maybe 2 teaspoons of mustard powder was a lot; I added it all anyway!!


Then it did seem like loads of cheese!!


I used just about all the milk, I did have a tiny bit left in my jug that would be used for brushing the top.

The dough is really soft and I didn’t over knead before rolling out.

I decided to make some a dozen 2 inch scones and then another dozen mini 1 inch scones.


Then they were brushed with the remaining milk and topped with the rest of the cheese..


After just over 10 minutes they were golden brown and smelling pretty great!!



So the recipe says to serve cold with butter. Well we were not waiting for these to cool down. We had to have warm with butter..


Well these are just brilliant!! I love the cheesiness of them! They are wonderfully soft inside and then the cheesy layer on top is brill. I think the mustard is the perfect amount, you can just taste it without really adding any heat!

I think these may be my new favourite scones!

Would I make these again? Yes, this batch is not going to last long!!



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