Scrambled Eggs

So yes there is an actual recipe for scrambled eggs, and considering this is my least favourite egg variation I very rarely cook them like this so do need this recipe!!



On the very rare occasion that I have attempted to cook scrambled egg I have just whisked some milk and eggs together and then beaten in a pan with melted butter until completely overcooked and watery! Every time it’s been disgusting!!

So this recipe has a slightly different technique so am hoping for better results!

I only used 2 eggs to make for me.

I started by heating the milk and butter, only needed a quarter of a quarter of an ounce of butter!


Once the butter had melted and the milk was warm I added the egg. So now it’s says to remove from the heat as soon as the mixture starts to thicken, so I did that..


It then took another few minutes for the heat from the pan to cook the eggs. Even then it still just looked a bit to gloopy and undercooked for me..


I was sooo tempted to stick back over the heat for a bit longer but thought I should really trust the recipe and try it! I was having this on a toasted bagel and it all just looks a but sloppy..


Well I can’t say I loved this! The texture really just doesn’t appeal to me at all!! Taste wise it’s ok but that’s maybe because I added an extra grind of salt and pepper!! I didn’t eat it all and have to say I did particularly enjoy these scrambled eggs.

Would I make this again? Doubtful, still my least favourite egg recipe..


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