York Fingers

I was having a friend over for Christmas drinks and had some scraps of puff pastry that needed using up so decided to make these to have with a glass of prosecco…



It doesn’t actually advise on a quantity of pastry, I didn’t weigh what I had but I guess you could alter the other ingredients based on how much you have. I did use the full quantity of everything else.

First off I rolled out the pastry and put the cheese on top. I probably could’ve sliced my cheese a touch thinner..


Then I rolled out again and cut into fingers..


The recipe does say to roll out very thinly and I did think I could’ve rolled mine a bit thinner.

Then they were brushed with egg and topped with more cheese..


Most of them puffed up quite considerably!


I had to press them down a bit otherwise it would’ve been impossible to spread anything on them!

I do love horseradish but I didn’t want to add too much, I opted for a teaspoon to mix with the minced ham..


Once the pastry fingers had cooled I spread some of the ham mix over each one and then sprinkled over some paprika..


So they aren’t the prettiest canapĂ©, I probably could’ve refined them a wee bit! I thought these were really nice served with a glass or two of prosecco! The cheesy pastry is good and then the ham with the horseradish sauce is a great topping. I think it could take even more horseradish sauce but then maybe that’s just my preference. Overall though these were good!

Would I make these again? Yes I would.


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