Baked Ham with Pineapple

After two weeks of eating out or being on holiday or having people cook for me I am now getting back into cooking myself! I had bought a gammon joint to cook over the festive period but I never did get round to it, so this may seem like an awful lot of effort for a Monday night but there’s nothing else in the fridge..


I had made a similar dish called glazed ham with pineapple a while back, well similar sounding but it was using a can of ham and was blooming awful!

I had bought a 3 lb gammon joint from the supermarket and according to the cooking instructions on the pack it needs 2 hours and 40 minutes, but if I go by the recipe here it only need max 95 minutes. I didn’t want to under cook so opted for nearer the longer time.

First off I put it on to boil for just over an hour..


After that time it had shrunk back a bit..


So it was at this point that I was thinking I wasn’t using the right joint. There was a thin rind to remove but that didn’t leave any fatty bits so I had to kind of improvise and just used the cloves to stud the surface!


Then I had to just cover as much of the top and sides with sugar before putting into a dish with the pineapple juice


After about an hour and 15 minutes in the oven it was looking nice and cooked. I had basted it throughout the cooking time but by the end of all the cooking what was left of the juice was a sticky syrup.


I removed the meat from the dish and put the pineapple rings into the oven for a few minutes. I wasn’t sure what a piquant table sauce was so I opted for the tiniest dash of Tabasco!! Am thinking that may be totally wrong but I had no idea what else to use..


Then I sliced up the meat and served with pineapple on top, I didn’t have any cherries to garnish!


Well I have tried a few gammon recipes and this may be one of my favourites! It slices really easily and the meat is lovely and soft. I think my favourite bit is the sticky edgy bits! I didn’t really get any clove flavour and wonder if I should’ve studded with a good few more. The pineapple rings are fab with the meat but I couldn’t taste any of the Tabasco sauce which is maybe a good thing!

Would I make this again? Yes tasted fab and we have loads leftover for the rest of the week!



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