Pomme de Terre Chateau

I had a half a bag of slightly sad looking new potatoes in the cupboard so liked the sound of frying them in butter..



My french isn’t the best but even I could translate the title to potato castle or is it castle potatoes?? I had a search for other versions of this recipe and was struggling to find a recipe in English. What we could figure out from French recipes was that the ingredients were similar but there seemed to be more instruction around shaping the potato! Going by this recipe I just left all mine whole and kind of the same size!


I had just over 300g of potatoes which is just about half the amount in the recipe, and even halving the butter quantity seemed like a lot..


First off I potatoes into the pan with the melted butter. I just used a smaller frying pan with a lid that kind of fits!


The recipe says to shake during the first 15 minutes of cooking but then to turn carefully. I thought that didn’t make much sense, if I’ve been shaking them then why do I need to turn or be careful! After the first 15 minutes they were starting to turn a nice golden colour..


So rather then turn I just kept shaking for another 10 minutes or so, after then they were looking a nice darker golden but didn’t feel that tender, so I left them cooking for about another 5-7 mins before I felt they were soft enough.


I sprinkled them with some smoked sea salt before serving..


We were having these with some of the leftover ham and peas. I was thinking they would be crispy on the outside but they are actually really soft. The inside is lovely and tender but the outside buttery skin really is the best bit! I hate making plain old boiled potatoes so this is a recipe that’s right up my street!

Would I make these again? Yes, possibly my new favourite potato recipe!



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