Lasagne al Forno

I think lasagne is probably my all time favourite comfort food! My mum makes an amazing one with two different types of mince and chicken livers and it cooks for hours. So this is a tad different. I still have some ham leftover so was using that to make this..


Normally you’d expect lasagne to have a ragu and then a white sauce, this has neither really. Also it’s usually beef mince I make my lasagne with, and the foot of the recipe does say to use a bolognese sauce but I did think the choice of cooked veal or ham was unusual.

Anyway I started with the tomato sauce. I didn’t have marjoram on its own but did have mixed herbs so used that instead.


Then I added the diced up ham I had left from Monday night..


I opted to use cream cheese, and I grated the Parmesan and mozzarella.


I couldn’t decide if I should be adding them as three layers but didn’t think it would stretch to that so I mixed the cheeses altogether and started to layer it up.


I didn’t bother cooking the lasagne sheets as the packet says not to.



The cheesy layer looks a bit like cottage cheese and not that appealing! Hoping once it’s cooked it will look better.

I think I had this cooking for nearer 40 minutes before the top was golden brown enough for me..


It didn’t slice up too well, I think the sauce is a it wet and ended up looking a bit sloppy on the plate..


So how did it taste? It is actually pretty good! The sauce is obviously really tomatoey and I do think it’s let down by not having any garlic or onions or having the meat cooked in the sauce. The cheesy bits on the pasta are great, yet I do think it would’ve been enough to have just the one cheese layer on top and then a proper thick white sauce for the layers.

Overall though it’s a good lasagne and maybe considering when this book was written it’s actually quite an advanced recipe with really modern ingredients!

Would I make this again? Yes maybe with a few alterations but it’s still not a patch on the lasagne my mum makes!!



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