Chocolate Sauce

This is obviously in the sauce chapter but comes under a sub heading of ice cream sauces. I made the butterscotch sauce a while back and it was brilliant! I’ve also made the chocolate sauce from this same chapter but made slightly differently with cocoa powder and corn flour. So tonight me and my daughter decided to try this with our ice cream..



Not really much cooking to this more just some mixing, easy enough that a 6 year old can manage! First off the chocolate and butter are melted together..


We had several arguments during this first process, mainly due to her continually asking when the spoon was ready for licking!


The chcolate and butter do melt together nicely, and I was wondering how the milk would affect it, and quite surprisingly it does change into a darker, glossier sauce..


We quickly poured it over the ice cream..


Ordinarily I’d leave it just like this but considering there is an abundance of other chocolates and sweeties in our house we decided to add another couple for decoration..


I remember this chocolate sauce we used to get as kids and it set when you poured it over the ice cream, we loved it as kids! I found it in a shop recently and it wasn’t as nice as I remember, maybe my taste buds have changed or they don’t make things as good as they used to!

Anyway this sauce does start to set in the ice cream and it’s fantastic! It’s just perfect with the ice cream and quite possibly the best chocolate sauce I’ve ever had!! I do also think it would be great with warm chocolate cake but then you wouldn’t get the setting effect. It doesn’t set as solid as that stuff we used to get but sets to a really really great consistency.

Would I make this again? Most definitely, and there was a fight over who got to like the bowl!


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