Rich Christmas Cake

I meant to post this recipe a while ago, well I started making it a while ago but didn’t actually eat it until fairly recently!



In the book there is also a recipe for a light Christmas cake and an economical Christmas cake. My plan is to do one each year and I’m pretty sure I have another 2 years worth of recipes!

I decided to try this one first and think I made this back in October!

I don’t make many fruit cakes like this, the only ever wedding cake I have made was a chcolate sponge. Do love the colours of all the fruit together..


It’s a really thick mixture and is a good workout for the arms mixing this together..


After 4 and half hours in the oven the house was smelling pretty amazing, and the cake was looking nicely done..


I did opt to pour over some brandy before wrapping up, and I also added a few more spoonfuls over the next few months!

I iced the cake just before Christmas and started with a covering of warm jam..


Then marzipan..


Then I couldn’t decide between sugarpaste or royal icing. I ended up going for the sugarpaste because I have loads in the house.

Then for the decoration. I decided to keep it fairly simple and fist off slightly embossed the sides with an icicle mould, but then asked my daughter for advice and that’s how we ended up with an iceberg, polar bear and penguins..



We finally cut the cake over Christmas..


I wouldn’t normally go for a fruit cake but this is a great recipe. Yes it’s pretty rich and you don’t need a big slice, it’s perhaps not as moist as I’d like so maybe I should’ve fed it with brandy a few more times over the last couple of months!

Overall through its a good cake!

Would I make this again? Yes


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