Quiche Anglaise

I used to hate quiche and think that came from my dislike of eggs, but I made the quiche Lorraine a while ago and that was really good!


I started off making the pastry, I did let mine rest for a bit in the fridge before rolling out. I opted to use mini tart tins as my single tin is 10inches.

I always have the same dilemma when making things with pastry like this. Once the pastry is rolled out and in the tin do I trim the edges?? The recipe doesn’t say to bake the pastry first so I assumed that I should trim the edges as the weight of the filling would stop the pastry shrinking back too much! So I pricked with a fork and trimmed the edges..


It says to cut the sausage up small which is actually quite tricky when using raw sausages! I assumed they were meant to be raw as they were getting a lot of cooking! I ended up with maybe chunkier sausages than the recipe intends..


Then I fried the sausage, bacon and onion for about 10 minutes until browned..


I decided to fill the cases with the sausage mixture first..


Then I mixed the egg, milk, cheese, seasoning and parsley – had to use dried stuff. I poured that over each case, the liquid sank to the bottom and the cheese stuck at the top!


I had completely forgotten to get a tomato so had to omit that step and just put them in the oven. I did think I should cook for less than 40 minutes because they were smaller, and after 30 they were looking nicely done! They had puffed up quite a bit..


The they did sink back a bit after coming out of the oven..


So this was dinner tonight and it may not look like much but one is actually very filling and very very tasty! I liked that I had left the sausages a bit chunky and the pastry worked out just fine! My daughter loved this as well! It’s quite similar to the sausage flan I made earlier this year. It’s definitely not as eggy as I used to imagine a quiche would be!

Would I make this again? Yes, great quiche!!



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