Coburg Cakes

I’ve never heard of these so had to do a search to find out if there are other references to this recipe. I did find a couple but also found a definition of coburg cake which is a small cake containing syrup and flavoured with spices!



The recipe suggests a patty tin, I’m not sure what that is! I decided that a muffin tray was too big so I opted to use this bundt tray I have..



I had planned to make the full recipe but I didn’t have enough butter so had to half. I love things with ginger and cinnamon so even the smell from the dried ingredients was fab..


I then mixed up the other ingredients and folded everything together.


I had to make sure I greased and floured the tin before adding the mixture..


Then it was in the oven. As I was using a different tin than the recipe maybe intends I did keep a close eye on these and they were ready in about 12 minutes..


A few of them had risen over the top of the tin so I maybe should’ve filled each one slightly less. I was pleased when each wee cake came out of the tin no problem! My only issue was each cake had wee air bubble like spaces at the bottom. I wonder if I had given the tray a bang on the surface before putting in the oven would’ve stopped that.


They smell soooo good! We had to try one warm from the oven and they are amazing! They are perfect little bite size cakes of loveliness! I dusted them with icing sugar just for extra effect and to try hide the air bubbles!!


We just loved these wee cakes, and they are so easy to eat due to the size! I am now wishing I had ventured out into the pouring rain to get more butter!

Would I make these again? Yes! Brilliant little spiced cakes!



9 thoughts on “Coburg Cakes

    • I have heard of that stuff and was planning to get some. Had visions of every cake sticking but the greasing and flouring did work ok, or maybe it was all the flour that has affected the surface of the cakes!

  1. Bit ii truvia for you Prince Albert – queen Victorias husband was a Coburg! The rosd i live in used to be called Coburg Road but was changed to Connaught during WW1 as it was deemed ‘too German’ but Coburg Hpuse still exists at the top end of the road. Not much help on the orgin of the buns which sound delicious BTW and I have bundt tin envy too

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