Tagliatelle con Prosciutto

I can’t really imagine this kind of dish being eaten in the late forties, possibly the late sixties when my edition of the book was written. I do love prosciutto so like the sound of this!


As you can see it’s a nice short ingredient list! I did underestimate the weight of prosciutto though. I was making this for the two of us so should’ve used 4oz of prosciutto but actually had only bought 70g. Also when I weighed out the 4oz of tagliatelle it didn’t seem like much

Not much to say about the cooking of this. Once the pasta was on I tore up the prosciutto rather than chop, I couldn’t help but try a couple bits just to make sure it was ok!


I wasn’t sure if the idea is to make the prosciutto crispy or not. After 2 minutes it was starting to crisp up in places and was thinking it was looking rather good – my photo doesn’t quite show that!!


So that’s it really, the pasta is then drained then mixed with just a little butter and the prosciutto..


Then it was topped with a good handful of Parmesan..


As a dinner this is super quick and very little effort, but for maximum flavour. Sometimes it’s simple things like this can just perfect. We loved this, it’s so simple but so tasty!

Would I make this again? Yes



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