Potato Pancakes

This recipe comes from the German section of the recipes around the world chapter, but it’s actually very similar to the potato pancakes I made from the family catering chapter a while ago! That recipe didn’t have ony onion in it but that’s pretty much the only difference!


I started by grating the potatoes and onions in with the flour and seasonings, then added the egg and mixed together.


It all looked a bit mushy at this stage, I guess it maybe depends on the type of potato used but I do wonder if it could’ve done with having some of the moisture squeezed out.

I carried on and started to cook large spoonfuls in a frying pan..


I reckon I had them cooking for about 5-7 minutes on each side before they had turned a nice golden colour..


They maybe weren’t as crispy as I would’ve liked but think that’s due to their size or the wetness of the mixture. I did leave them cooking a touch longer but didn’t want to end up burning. I did end up with 16 pancakes in total..


We just had these with some sausages and veg. These are fab! Better than the first version of potato pancakes, I think that’s due to the onion, it really adds an extra flavour. They are very soft inside which is really nice but do have a nice crispy coating.

Would I make these again? Yes, have some leftover so that’s breakfast sorted!!



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