Fish Quenelles

I think quenelles originate from Lyon in France and were traditionally made with pike. I think Julia Child has a great recipe for these which I should maybe try next. My quenelles look pretty rubbish..



I was using haddock for this and I just poached in some water. I attempted to mash but it just ended up flaking really..


I probably should’ve properly read the recipe and blitzed the fish for a bit to try mush the fish even more but I was in such a rush to get these on!

I felt the quantities for the sauce bit were a bit unusual, it seemed like such a small amount of milk and after adding it I had a really thick paste..


I then added the fish, eggs, cream and seasoning and it did all seem a bit lumpy and kind of looked like scrambled eggs!

I stated the water simmering and then I made a complete hash of shaping the quenelles! I would get thrown out of masterchef with these! It’s actually quite difficult! So I had to make do with my rubbish efforts and got them in the water to poach..


After 10 minutes they had puffed up a bit and risen up a bit more..


I had fully intended to make a sauce, I liked the idea of a shrimp sauce but had no more milk, flour or shrimps so had to sack that idea! I had to just drain them and serve them as they are..


They look a bit rubbish just like that. I wish I had been a bit more organised and even had enough ingredients to make a cheese sauce and then cover them with that, some grated cheese and pop under the grill.

Anyway I had to make do with these sad looking things! Despite their appearance these are actually really nice! My daughter turned her nose up at these on first sight, but I told her it was like the inside of a fish finger and that seemed to sway her! They are a really soft consistency and have really held their shape, it’s just a shame it’s not a very good quenelle shape!

Would I make these again? Yes I would but will be doing with a cheese sauce next time..



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