Meat with Celery

This recipe comes from Greek section of the recipes from around the world chapter. It doesn’t really sound like a recipe, more like just a list of ingredients!



Last time I went to the butcher for best or middle neck chops I was told I needed gigot chops instead. So that’s what I bought for this..


I started off by frying these in butter until just browned..


Then I sorted out the veg. I was sort of quartering this recipe. I was just using two chops but think they are considerably bigger than a cutlet! So I ended up halving the onions and carrots but sort of thirded the celery! So I reckon I used about three quarters of a head of celery and it does seem like a lot just for two!!


Then I started to layer everything up in the pan..


It all seems a bit unusual at this point! Was I supposed to have all the meat and veg fully submerged? I kind of didn’t like the idea of boiled meat!!

After about 20 minutes of simmering the celery and meat felt soft so decided it was ready..


I put the meat and veg into a dish in a low oven while I started on the sauce. It does seem unusual to be blending an egg yolk with cornflour..


Once the lemon juice is added it does turn into a paste, so I added it to the sauce.

Despite having this on a very low heat and stirring furiously I ended up with curdled egg so I had to strain it again. After a bit more stirring and a bit more cornflour it did start to thicken..


So then the sauce was poured over the meat and veg and that was it!!


So I suppose this is a bit of a meal on its own! I wasn’t expecting much from this but was pleasantly surprised. The lamb is nice, soft but not overcooked. The carrots and celery are just the right amount of soft and have a great flavour after being cooked with the lamb. The sauce is good as well, it was a bit of a faff and do wonder what the egg does! Maybe I can’t tell because it looked like all the egg I put in had curdled so was removed! Overall was a a good dinner and something different to try!

Would I make this again? Possible, nice dinner but sauce was a bit of a faff..


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