Stuffed Tomato Salad

A day in the house today so decided to make something a bit different for lunch..



I made a baked stuffed tomato with egg recipe a while ago and it didn’t go particularly well then I made another stuffed tomato recipe made in the oven and that was great. I’ve also made the stuffed beetroot that was actually quite nice! I was just using regular sized salad tomatoes for this..

I was just making this for myself so I used two tomatoes and hard boiled one egg and cooked about one tablespoon of peas, which I cooked in the same water that the egg was boiling in.

I halved the egg and chopped one half to mix with the peas and attempted to slice the other half to use as a garnish.

I opted to use a smoked garlic mayonnaise rather than salad cream..


I did assume it was all to be cold so I had left the egg and peas to cool before mixing.

I gave it a good grind of salt and pepper then stuffed into the tomatoes..


I didn’t have any salad leaves or cress so I just served with my attempt at an egg garnish!!


So this was lunch. Have to say I didn’t love it!! The filling is actually quite nice but i just didn’t really like it combined with the tomato! I ended up eating all the filling and leaving the tomato!

Would I make this again? Doubtful!


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