Welsh Rarebit

I fancied cheese on toast for lunch today but decided to fancy it up and make this instead!!



I’d never heard of buck rarebit before, I guess if you like poached eggs it would be a nice addition on top. I didn’t fancy having the egg on top so kept it just the regular rarebit!

I started by putting the cheese, mustard, seasoning and ale into a pan to melt..


Once it had all melted together it seemd a bit runny! I was picturing it all pouring off the sides of the toast, but thankfully seemed ok, only a few drips down the sides!


After only about 3 minutes under the grill it was golden and bubbling..


So this was lunch. I think it’s the kind of cheese on toast that you need to eat with a knife and fork! Really not much to say about this expect that it was good! You could taste the mustard and the ale which was nice, the only criticism is that I didn’t make enough..


Would I make this again? Yes, I obviously had to finish off the ale with my slice….


7 thoughts on “Welsh Rarebit

  1. Oh i love Welsh Rarebit. When we visited the UK we were at a pub and it was on the menu and we were like, what the heck is that? We ordered it and OH MY GOODNESS!!! Delicious, delicious!

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