Mincemeat and Apple Round

I still have loads of mincemeat to use up so decided to try this recipe today..


I had one cooking apple to use up so was going to make the full amount, although I decided to make mini rounds rather than one big one. I started making the dough and I thought it was really soft, I barely added any milk but was still a very soft dough..


I had to add lots of flour to the board and rolling pin, and did eventually manage to roll out the first half into 6 circles..


It says to spread the mincemeat on but because mine are smaller I spooned on little piles. I think I put about a teaspoon on each one..


Then I grated the apple and put about a teaspoon on top of the mincemeat..


Next I rolled out the dough for the top and cut out another 6 circles the same size to put on the top..


I used one of my cake decorating tools to crimp the edges together then brushed with milk and sprinkled with sugar..


After about 20 minutes in the oven they were looking golden and crisp..


I didn’t have anything to serve these with so we just had them on their own warm. I suppose you could say these are an alternative to mincemeat pies! The outside of the dough is lovely and crispy but then has a nice soft layer inside. The filling is great, can’t really go wrong with a good mincemeat! Overall these were a great hot pudding and I’m glad I made mini ones!

Would I make these again? Yes, I still have more mincemeat left and these are delicious!



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