Glazed Carrots

I had made the candied carrots a while a go and didn’t actually enjoy them, they were far too sweet. So I was a bit unsure if I’d like this recipe.



The butcher I shop in also does a great selection of fruit and veg so it was there that I picked up these chantenay carrots, not sure if they are technically young but I thought they were cute and ideal for this recipe..


I don’t have lumps of sugar so had to guess an amount. I was making this with one pound of carrots so I think I put in about one teaspoon of sugar.

I left them to boil for about 20 minutes and by then the carrots felt soft. Once I had removed the carrots I increased the temperature and got the liquid boiling rapidly..


It’s not clear from my photos but it does become dark, thick and sticky very quickly..


I just threw all the carrots back into the pan with the glaze, I coudnt be bothered to do it a few at a time..


I didn’t have any parsley so sprinkled with thyme which is the only herb in my garden that’s survived the winter!


Well these are a million times better than the candied carrots. They aren’t overly sweet, I think that fact that I had used a chicken stock has helped with the flavour. The carrots are nice and soft and the glaze is just great! I think my daughter loved these too, thinks she was especially taken with the size of the carrots!

Would I make this again? Yes definitely


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