Dressed Cauliflower

I really don’t buy cauliflower very often and when I do it’s either to make cauliflower cheese or tempura! Then when I do make cauliflower cheese I forget how good it is! Can’t beat a good cauliflower cheese! I did make a gratin recipe that pretty much was cauliflower cheese and that was good. So tonight I decided to try this..



First off I boiled a whole cauliflower for about ten minutes until tender..


Then while that was cooling I made the dressing. I’ve posted the french dressing a few times but it’s basically salt, pepper, mustard, sugar, vinegar and oil. I sometime mix it up and use balsamic vinegar or another flavoured vinegar but tonight just kept it simple and used cider vinegar.

Then the recipe suggests bacon, well there was nothing to think about there! Adding crispy bacon can only be a good thing!


That’s all there’s is to this, the dressing is poured over and gently mixed..


Then the bacon is sprinkled over the top..


We were just having this with some pan fried fish, and yet again was a very bland looking dinner! I was also expecting some objections from my daughter when this was put in front of her but she loved this and her plate was scraped clean!

I hadn’t made a lot of dressing, only about 1.5 tablespoons which was just enough, I should maybe have made a touch more. The crispy bacon bits are good and I also think more of them wouldn’t go wrong! Overall this was way better than expected.

Would I make this again? Yes I would!



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