Turkish Rice

This is another made up recipe! I googled Turkish rice and that’s more of a pilaf style rice cooked with plenty of butter. This however is a mishh mash of things in the cupboard, using one of my favourites…..canned meat!!



I was making half the recipe fo dinner and had a can of pork that was just under 300g. There really is no way to make canned meat look good..


I had opted to put the mushrooms in so started off frying them with the onion..


While that was cooking I cut the delightful meat into sticks. I am convinced it’s canned ham that goes on a takeaway pizza! It has that same soft consistency when cut into cubes! Anyway once it was cut into sticks it wasn’t any less awful looking. I think what sums this up is how much interest my dog was taking in it! She was sitting right beside me the entire time as if I was about to serve it to her!!


Once the mushrooms and onions had been cooking for a few minutes I added all the rest of the sauce ingredients and I don’t know why but I assumed it was to be tomato ketchup!! It wasn’t until after I had added it that I thought I should’ve made a proper tomato sauce, was too late now…


It was smelling weirdly quite nice at this point, then I added the meat..

I just left it to gently heat for a few minutes as any time I attempted to stir it the sticks of meat stuff would start to break down. After the rice was ready I served it as suggested..


I’m not sure if it’s just because I was hungry but I have to say I really liked this!! It’s weridly almost sweet and sour like with the tomato sauce and Wocestershire sauce and the meat is actually ok! Am pretty sure this is not a typical Turkish recipe but despite that it’s actually rather enjoyable!

Would I make this again? Possibly!



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