Onion-Topped Potatoes

Afetr a few days off cooking this isn’t what I planned to make tonight, but the expiry date police threw out the baby onions I was going to use to make glazed onions, so I made this instead..



So not terribly much cooking involved in this, and even less for me as I had some mashed potato leftover that needed using up. Then I realised there was no butter in the house so ended up having to fry the onions in oil..


Think I had them frying for just over 5 minutes and then I topped with sugar. I opted for Demerara sugar as I thought that would give them a more caramelised top..


I gave the sugar a bit of a press into the onion so that it didn’t all fall off once turned over. When I did turn it the underside was looking just lightly browned..


I turned up the heat and left to cook for about another 3 or 4 minutes and after then they were looking slightly caramelised..


I made us each two small piles of mash and topped each one with a ring of onion..


This is another one of recipes from this book that I really like, it’s the simple ideas like this that can make such a big difference! The onion is really great with the mash. It’s lovely and soft and the caramelised crust is good, I do think I could’ve used even more sugar, but overall this was a lovely side dish and as I’ve said many times I do love new ideas for boring old potatoes!!

Would I make this again? Yes!



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