Liver Casserole

I’ve had varying success with any liver recipe. I’ve tried ragout of liver, and Mexican liver and neither really appealed to me. Then I did make simple liver and onions. And I did actually quite like that, I think the reason was I didn’t overcook the liver. So considering the liver in this recipe was getting fried and then baked I was thinking I was going to end up with tough, unappetising chunks of liver…



I had bought half a pound of liver from the butcher for pennies! It really is a cheap cut of meat, just a shame it doesn’t taste better!!

So I started by frying the bacon, onion and liver altogether..


It says to fry until just brown which I tried to do but when it’s browned in places yet still bleeding in other I just felt I needed to give it longer. I think I had this frying for over 5 minutes..


Still not loving the look of this! It’s into the casserole with the tomatoes and Wocestershire sauce..


After half an hour I checked the liver and it felt pretty tough so I removed from the oven. The sauce had thickened slightly..


I decided to serve this with some mashed potatoes..


Well the sauce is nice!! The liver is pretty awful!! It’s just soooo overcooked! I had made this for all three of us and even my 7 year daughter had a go at the liver. She had a few bites and told me it tasted like poo, but then actually carried on trying more just to make sure. I don’t think she hated as much the more she tried it! I didn’t like the liver much at all, it was ok when I cut it into tiny bits and mixed with the bacon and onion but the big chunks of it were really hard to eat!

Would I make this again? Nope!!


4 thoughts on “Liver Casserole

  1. “She had a few bites and told me it tasted like poo, but then actually carried on trying more just to make sure.”

    LOL. I’m dying.

    I’m proud of you for trying! I have this weird fascination with liver. I want to eat it regularly because it’s really cheap and nutritious but never have good experiences. I went through a phase where I’d order it every time I saw it on a menu, but then just have a bad time and wish I had ordered something else.

    One thing that I can stomach though is pate. I love the stuff! Does your family like pate? It’s a great gateway offal 🙂

    • I know it is so cheap and good for you but tastes so bad!! I did make liver and onions which was just cooked in a pan for a really short time so was still a bit pink and I actually really liked it. I think it’s just so bad when overcooked, goes all grainy and tough!

      We do love pate, even my daughter. I like to make chicken liver pate but tried lambs liver pate and it was awful!!

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