I think in this whole process I have paid way more attention to savoury recipes and have loads of sweet recipe still to do. So tonight I made these. I’ve made flapjacks a few times and every time they’ve ended up far too dry and end up completely falling apart. I’ve never managed to find a good recipe that makes a really nice chewy flapjack!


I think the last few times I made flapjacks I warmed the butter, sugar and syrup and then added the oats. This recipe starts with creaming the butter and sugar..


Then I added the warm syrup which resulted in a rather greasy looking mixture..


Then I started to add the oats and salt..


Once all the oats had been added I was thinking it looked really dry..


I was using an 8 inch tin so pressed the mixture into that and then in the oven.


After nearly 40 minutes it was looking nicely browned. I still have real photographic issues but it really looks much darker in real life!!


I left to cool slightly and then I marked into rectangles, then once it had cooled right down I cut them right out of the tin and as suspected they were pretty crumbly..


I did manage to cut out the whole lot in relatively decent rectangles but there was a fair amount of oats left in the tin!!


Well they are definitely not the soft flapjack I was hoping for! Doesn’t stop them tasting good though! I could just taste the salt and I did love the salty sweetness! Overall they are great with a cup of tea!

Would I make these again? Yes but will cut back to maybe 7 or even 6oz of oats to see how that turns out.



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