Can’t let this day pass without making pancakes! Although to me pancakes are the thick fluffy kind and these to me are more like crepes..




We do quite often have pancakes in this house, but not made by me, my husband makes the best pancakes! Like I said they are thick scotch pancakes usually served with syrup or bacon! So tonight I was making these with me daughter.

The batter is used in a few other recipes in this book, it’s the same one it suggest using for Yorkshire pudding. It’s pretty quick and easy to prepare..


I have a nice flat pancake pan that my gran bought for me one birthday so it’s ideal for these. We did have a couple of disasters to start with! Think I had the pan far too hot and then I didn’t put enough mix in!

After the two false starts we did make some progress and managed to make a few pancakes!


I even managed to flip them without dropping them!


Then I just sprinkled over some sugar and lemon juice and rolled up..


Well they are nice, do need quite a good sprinkling of sugar and lemon but overall is nice enough, but I still prefer scotch pancakes!

There are a good few alternative pancakes suggestions to try but I think the only other one I’ll give a go is the crepe suzette!

Would I make these again? Possibly


2 thoughts on “Pancakes

  1. They look great! I use the recipe from the BeRo book, which is the same, and is used for pancakes and Yorkshires too… I only make them on this day though, every other time is good old Scottish Pancakes/Drop Scones/Whatever they are called!

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