Everyday Gingerbread

I was thinking about gingerbread all day in work so was pleased when I came home and checked I had all the ingredients!


An 8 inch square tin is probably the only one I don’t have! So I decided a 7 inch square would do, I didn’t bother to alter the ingredients and just hoped it would work ok.

I love ginger and think this is a decent amount in this recipe so that makes me happy, but then it seems like an awful lot of baking powder!


Then I put the other ingredients in the pan and started to melt…


Once I’d mixed all the wet ingredients, including the egg and milk, with the dry I was starting to regret my tin decision! It just seemed like an awful lot of cake mix! Fortunately my tin does have high sides so turned out ok..


After about an hour and a quarter the house was smelling blooming amazing and the cake felt ready. I felt it had an ever so slight dip in the middle which I believe can sometimes be due to too much baking powder..


I left this to cool for as long as I could, which really probably wasn’t long enough! It was still pretty warm when I cut into so was really soft, and it does seem to have a really light texture..


So a couple of slices each initially..


Well this is quite possibly the best gingerbread I have ever eaten!! We didn’t have any butter on it, and I don’t think it needs it, maybe once it’s cooled a wee scraping of butter might be nice! I just loved this so much and am off to eat some more..

Would I make this again? Oh yes…


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